Good News for the Chemically Dependent and Those Who Love Them

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A Path Toward Freedom and Recovery for Those Struggling With Substance Abuse

Millions of people are caught in the vortex of addiction to alcohol, prescription, and non-prescription drugs. It leaves confusion, despair, and broken relationships in its wake. And despite what many want to believe, chemical dependency is a silent storm quietly raging within the church. Updated with information on the latest designer drugs, including crystal meth, this powerful resource will help guide individuals, families, and churches through their darkest times.

Jeff VanVonderen provides answers to the many questions facing those with addictions and those looking to help them, including:

The Author

  1. Jeff VanVonderen

    Jeff VanVonderen

    Jeff VanVonderen is an internationally known speaker on addictions and church and family wellness. He has worked as a counselor in both residential and outpatient treatment settings, as well as in the religious community, taught at the college level, and is...

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