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A hundred years from now, the only thing that will matter is a person's relationship with Jesus Christ. The gospel is the good news that we can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It's the main thing. It's the reason why we do ministry. It's the reason why the church exists. It provides the hope that every child and every family needs.

What about your ministry? Is the gospel at the center of everything you do? How does that play out practically?

In Give Me Jesus, Ryan Frank and ten ministry leaders share practical advice about keeping the gospel at the center of family and children's ministry. It will change how you do ministry.


Today's youth are in desperate need to understand the reality of the gospel as well as to be "ready to give a defense for the hope that is in them" to a lost and hurting world. Young people have bought the lie that truth is not attainable. With help from inspirational veterans of ministry to children and their families, Give Me Jesus offers practical training to help us communicate that the gospel is truth and it alone brings redemption and salvation. With so much in ministry vying for our time and attention, we need to dedicate ourselves to what really matters and will endure for eternity. This book deliberately refocuses our attention toward that important end.

Michelle Anthony, family ministry architect, David C. Cook

Every leader should be involved in sharing the life-altering message of the gospel with all generations--especially children. This book is a practical tool that every leader should utilize to the max. It will spark your creativity and boost your proficiency in using a variety of methods to communicate the unchanging gospel.

Frank Damazio, lead pastor, City Bible Church; author, The Making of a Leader, Strategic Church, Life-Changing Leadership, and Strategic Vision

Ryan Frank has quickly become one of the leading voices and experts in children's ministry. Now, he has put together some of the brightest minds to create a manifesto for where ministry to kids is headed. This book will challenge your heart, as well as your mind. Ryan and his team have nailed it with Give Me Jesus.

Brian Dollar, kids pastor, First Assembly, North Little Rock, Arkansas; founder, High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources,; author, I Blew It!, and blogger at

I just finished reading Give Me Jesus. I opened it two hours before a ministry dinner and literally excused myself early from the dinner so that I could finish the book. As is evident throughout the text, Ryan Frank's pillars of a gospel-conscious ministry establish a balanced approach to the evangelism of children. Each writer expertly builds upon those pillars, providing the children's worker with the motivation and proven practices to establish a ministry that not only appeals to children's emotion and senses, but also transforms their hearts. This book has inspired and convicted me. I wish I could sit with, talk to, and pray with every contributing author. The discussion questions at the conclusion of each chapter are brilliant. Every children's ministry leader should read and discuss each chapter with his or her key leaders and helpers--the results will affect the lives of kids in their churches. My children's ministry students will be required to read Give Me Jesus.

Dick Gruber, professor of children's ministry, Valley Forge Christian College

Ryan Frank brings excellence to all areas of ministry and has assembled some very creative minds to teach us how to help develop gospel-conscious children.

Ron Hunter Jr., D6 Conference director; executive director & CEO, Randall House

If you are a leader and want the ingredients to build an impactful children's ministry centered on the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, I would highly recommend this book. Ryan has done an amazing job of speaking into and assembling some of the most passionate leaders in children's ministry who will show you how to develop a heart-transforming kids' ministry with Jesus at the center. The greatest legacy is not what we leave for people, but what we leave in people. This book gives leaders the tools to teach Jesus to kids in a tangible way that will impact the lives of future generations.

Craig Johnson, director of ministries, Lakewood Church

In an age when we hear from multiple people at multiple times on multiple days, it's refreshing to hear a perspective on the value of One. Once you get beyond this church or that church, mega church or other church, my opinion and your opinion, one thing remains: the gospel of Jesus. Ryan reminds us that our methods are many but our vision is One.

Craig Jutila, president, Empowered Living, Inc.; author Hectic to Healthy and Faith and the Modern Family,

In children's ministry we have the privilege of showing kids Jesus for the first time. This privilege is a joy, but it is also a weighty responsibility. There are many things we can teach our kids each week, but if we could hear the cry of every child's heart, I think it would be what Ryan and his friends are pleading with you to do: just give them Jesus, because Jesus is everything!

Sam Luce, campus pastor, Redeemer Church in Utica, New York; blogger at

As a senior pastor for over 20 years, a lecturer of management at the Naval Postgraduate School and founder of KidLead Inc., I'm convinced that the most critical focus of the church should be on kids. This book should be read by children's ministry workers, senior pastors, and parents. While I like pretty much everything Ryan Frank creates, I especially appreciate this book because it brings together expert views on the most important topic next to Jesus Himself: helping kids follow Him.

Alan E. Nelson, EdD, founder,

Give Me Jesus reflects the heartbeat of a solid children's ministry--the gospel. This well-written book will challenge you to examine your ministry through the writings of many experienced children's ministry leaders who are passionate about teaching kids the Word of God. As you apply these practical ideas, your ministry will become more dynamic and focused on winning souls for Christ.

Kris Smoll, director of Discovery Land (children's ministries), Appleton Alliance Church, Appleton, Wisconsin

Wow! This book is really needed for today's children's ministries. We hear about young adults who were raised in the church, some having graduated from Christian colleges, yet they turn their backs on the Lord. We ask ourselves: Why? If this book were front and center in every children's Sunday school, many more would come to know Christ in a deeper way and their lives would be saved from destruction. Wow again! Look at all the experts who have contributed to this book. Chapter by chapter you will encounter one experienced children's worker after another offering insight and inspiration. This book is necessary for children's ministry.

Elmer Towns, dean emeritus, School of Religion and Theological Seminary at Liberty University

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  1. Ryan Frank

    Ryan Frank

    RYAN FRANK serves as the CEO of KidzMatter and the vice president of innovative strategies at Awana. Ryan served for 15 years as a children's pastor at his home church. He is the author of 9 Things They Didn't Teach Me in College about Children's...

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