Finding God in the Movies

33 Films of Reel Faith

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You love movies. Who doesn't?

In Finding God in the Movies Catherine Barsotti and Robert Johnston show you how to combine your love of movies with your desire for God. Introducing thirty-three films of faith--ranging from Tender Mercies to X-Men--the authors identify and explore key biblical themes like forgiveness, faith, and repentance. An enthusiastic guide for the individual movie lover or small group, this resource contains production notes and film synopses, relevant Scripture texts, theological reflection, recommended video clips, discussion questions, and more. It will deepen your fervor for film and for God.


"I've often suggested that Christians open up their homes for a film night: show a movie and follow up with snacks and a discussion. It's a simple idea but, for most people, is tough to carry out. Where do we begin? We begin with Finding God in the Movies. Robert Johnston and Catherine Barsotti have done a wonderful service in creating a book that teaches believers how to analyze films. They provide excellent examples of thoughtful criticism and great discussion questions to engage our minds. Use it alone, with your family, or, better yet, invite the neighborhood."--Charles W. Colson, Prison Fellowship, Washington, DC

"To read God into movies is not difficult. To find God there waiting for us--now, that is something else altogether. Finding God in the Movies peels back God's presence in thirty-three compelling films, leading us from superficial analysis and utilitarian agendas to deep, personal engagement. Bravo!"--Sally Morgenthaler, founder, and Digital Glass Videos

"Written with humility, grace and sensitivity, "Finding God in the Movies" will be a tremendous resource for those seeking light inside the cinema. More than just a guide to great films, this book is a window into how to engage with them and find on the other side a deeper understanding of the Lord."--Todd Komarnicki, filmmaker, producer of Elf

"An important and insightful book that held me spellbound. Once again, Catherine Barsotti and Robert Johnston demonstrate their incredible ability to dialogue with both Hollywood and the community of faith. They offer rich spiritual insights and astute observations on 33 films. Unlike other film review books, they appropriate each film's vision of life and invite the reader to interact with it. Here is an invitation to enhance your journey of faith via the silver screen."--David Bruce, host of

"In every arena of youth ministry today, we are seeing that movies are providing students many of their takes on life. Those of us seeking to minister to youth need effective resources to help them engage in dialogue between faith and film. Barsotti and Johnston have been teaching Young Life staff for a number of years to creatively do this. Now their book, Finding God in the Movies, can help you use movies more authentically in your teaching and outreach. I wholeheartedly recommend this book."--Rev/Dr. Cliff Anderson , vice president of training and strategic resources, Young Life, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Authors

  1. Catherine M. Barsotti

    Catherine M. Barsotti

    Catherine M. Barsotti (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is affiliate assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies at Fuller Theological Seminary and a professor at Centro Hispano de Estudios Teológicos (CHET), a Latino ministry training center in...

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  2. Robert K. Johnston

    Robert K. Johnston

    Robert K. Johnston (PhD, Duke University) is professor of theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, and codirector of Fuller's Reel Spirituality Institute. He is the coeditor of both the Engaging Culture and the Cultural...

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"Johnson and Barsotti take the 'theology and film' discussion to the next level in what amounts to a wonderful discussion on connecting our faith with culture."--Youthworker Journal