Find Your Fit Discovery Workbook, Revised and Updated Edition

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You're Unique. You're Valuable. And You Have an Incredible Future!

Did you know that you're gifted in ways you've probably never thought of? That you can make your dreams of success and a future meaningful future a reality? The Find Your Fit Discovery Workbook will
· help you know yourself better
· prime your thoughts about careers
· show you areas where you might volunteer and serve
· encourage you to try new things and spot special interests
· set you loose to be who you are
· show how your interests and personality match possible occupations

This workbook includes self-assessments, questions for digging deeper, and group exercises. Don't let the future sneak up on you. Seize the moment and start learning how you can reach your true potential!

The Find Your Fit Discovery Workbook provides a comprehensive career exploration tool for teenagers. Distilling key information and exercises from the popular book Find Your Fit, it's ideal for classroom use or individual coaching. This resource makes accessible to teens:
· John Holland's theory of interest areas and the world of work--the theory behind the Strong Interest Inventory®
· natural talents--including artistic and social gifts that most aptitude tests overlook
· personality type--the theory behind the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, the most widely used personality inventory in history

The Authors

  1. Jane Kise

    Jane Kise

    Jane Kise (PhD, University of St. Thomas) works as a consultant, specializing in team building, leadership coaching, and school staff development. She is the bestselling coauthor of over 20 books.

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  2. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson ( is the creator of the first-of-its-kind Pray the Scriptures Bible and the bestselling author or coauthor of more than sixy books and Bible products for adults, students, and children. His training includes an...

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  3. Karen Eilers

    Karen Eilers

    Karen Eilers (MA in student development in post-secondary education, University of Iowa) is a master career specialist, leading workshops and coaching students and young adults on their
    education and career paths.

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