Fasting with the Lord's Prayer

Experience a Deeper and More Powerful Relationship with God

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"Our Father, Who Art in Heaven . . ."

After Jesus taught His disciples what we know as the Lord's Prayer, He continued His teaching: "Now when you fast . . ."

Not if you fast--when! Our Lord knew the supernatural power and intimacy with the Father that emerges from a life infused with spiritual disciplines. Fasting with the Lord's Prayer is your guide to praying as Jesus taught and fasting for breakthrough answers from our heavenly Father. You will find practical, biblical guidelines to help you prepare for and experience a meaningful fast, and an in-depth exploration of the seven petitions of the Lord's Prayer. Plus, 21 daily readings will add richness to your time spent drawing closer to God. The Father is ready to meet your need. Are you ready to draw near and pray?


I recommend this book to all believers. May God use it to bring deeper revival to His people, and may we experience more answers to prayer as we practice fasting with the Lord's prayer.

Jentezen Franklin, pastor of Free Chapel

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  1. Elmer L. Towns

    Elmer L. Towns

    Elmer L. Towns ( is dean emeritus of the School of Religion and Theological Seminary at Liberty University, which he cofounded in 1971 with Jerry Falwell. He continues to teach the Pastor's Bible Class at Thomas Road Baptist Church each...

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