Expecting Miracles

True Stories of God’s Supernatural Power and How You Can Experience It

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Most of us are astonished by stories of modern-day miracles.

Heidi and Rolland Baker expect them.

During more than a decade of service in Mozambique, Heidi and Rolland Baker have witnessed countless miracles. Now they show you how you can have a part in the signs and wonders God is performing today. Combining extraordinary true stories of healing, provision and the raising of the dead with biblical insights and practical teaching, the Bakers connect you with believers in poverty and offer priceless lessons on how God's power can transform your life.


"As you devour this fresh book by our dear friends, your senses will be enlivened and even overloaded! You will end up empowered by the Holy Spirit to do what Jesus does. This book is raw and contagious. Only one thing is lacking: a warning sign that says: Your life will change when you read this book! We highly commend to you the life and writings of Rolland and Heidi Baker."--James W. and Michal Ann Goll, Encounters Network and Compassion Acts

"Heidi's stories of Jesus meeting the needs of the poor will make us jealous to be part of the answer for a dying, sick world. Read of miracles and those who are not afraid of getting involved with dirty hands and broken hearts."--Jackie Pullinger, director, St. Stephen's Society, Hong Kong

"Only eternity will reveal the impact of the laid-down lives of the Bakers. Not only have they started a revival that has changed the continent of Africa, but they are training hundreds of eager 'others' to do it as well. How, you ask? By enjoying and expecting miracles now!"--John Arnott, senior pastor, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

"I consider Heidi and Rolland Baker to be world missionaries, profoundly impacting not only a nation but the whole world. This book is a graphic statement of how to do missions, as their 'missiology' in Mozambique is the loudest and clearest statement of how to reach the world by supernatural means. Every missionary, every missions strategist from every mission board and everyone interested in world missions should consider Expecting Miracles a must-read. There are many great mission stories from the past worth reading, but this one is taking place as we speak ... right now! Read it, weep and become involved!"--Jack Taylor, Dimensions Ministries, Melbourne, Florida

"Heidi and Rolland Baker are great role models who are writing a contemporary book of Acts. I have had the privilege for almost ten years of knowing them as close friends and of having worked alongside them in Africa, Europe and North America. They walk with a contagious passion for Jesus and an equally contagious compassion for the hurt, lost and poor. The Bakers are continually being used by God to give out the bread of life from their own deep and abiding intimacy with God. This book will inspire many toward living a sacrificial, Christlike lifestyle."--Marc A. Dupont, Mantle of Praise Ministries, Inc.

"Both Jesus and James said, 'Faith without works is dead.' You will weep and praise as you read this current anthology of frontline stories powered by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus."--Darrel Eldridge, director of administration, Iris Ministries

The Authors

  1. Heidi Baker

    Heidi Baker

    Heidi Baker and her husband, Rolland, are the founders of Iris Ministries (www.irisglobal.org), whose mission is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth by "stopping for the one"--the poor, broken, destitute or forgotten. After serving as missionaries...

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  2. Rolland Baker

    Rolland Baker

    Rolland Baker and his wife, Heidi, are the founders of Iris Global (www.irisglobal.org), whose mission is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth by "stopping for the one"--the poor, broken, destitute or forgotten. After serving as missionaries in...

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