Destined to Rule

Spiritual Strategies for Advancing the Kingdom of God

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The book of Genesis describes the exquisite world God created and the man and woman He placed in charge of it. Believers have long assumed, however, that because of the Fall this God-given mandate to rule the earth is now awaiting Christ's return.

But is it? A forerunner in the growing awareness of biblical dominion over the earth, Rebecca Greenwood explains that the Christian's spiritual authority is for life today. With a solid scriptural foundation and timely examples, she helps believers establish righteousness in the land and draw the lost into God's Kingdom.

Discover your right as Christ's ambassador to exert power over the enemy and usher forth spiritual and social transformation. You are destined to rule!


"With great joy I recommend my friend Becca Greenwood's new book, Destined to Rule. Becca writes like a master strategist, explaining the original plan for humanity to rule, showing us how to overcome Satan's intimidation. She skillfully establishes God's call for us to rule as priests and kings on the earth, and she challenges us to rise up and step into our destinies.
"You may not be convinced that some authors have experienced what they have written. I assure you that Becca has. She is qualified to write Destined to Rule, because this is more than theory to her. I've seen her struggle, then press through and defeat darkness on many levels. My friend has moved from having a vision to lead to becoming a visionary leader! Destined to Rule is a unique opportunity for you to become equipped to move into your Kingdom authority. So go for it!"--Alice Smith, executive director, U.S. Prayer Center

"Rebecca Greenwood is among those who keenly hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches about taking dominion. Destined to Rule is an outstanding, pioneering book. Not only does it clearly present the mandate for the Body of Christ to retake dominion of God's creation, but it shows practical ways that we as individuals can stand up, be counted and do our part in seeing that God's Kingdom will come."--C. Peter Wagner, convening apostle, International Coalition of Apostles

"Countless Christians live in bondage to a victim mindset. They see themselves as victims of the evil schemes of Satan in this world. Rebecca Greenwood challenges this mentality with a powerful and victorious message in her book Destined to Rule.
"Greenwood masterfully weaves the Scriptures into real-life stories of God's intended inheritance for His children. You will be challenged to partner with God in a new way to fulfill His destiny for your life. I highly recommend Destined to Rule for anyone seeking to discover God's promise for a triumphant, overcoming life!"--Barbara Wentroble, president and founder, International Breakthrough Ministries; author, Prophetic Intercession; Praying with Authority; You Are Anointed; and Rise to Your Destiny, Woman of God

"Not since Paul Billheimer's classic Destined for the Throne has a book described more clearly how believers are to pursue their destinies of authority in Christ on earth. Becca Greenwood's Destined to Rule is sure to become a classic in its own right."--Dr. Dick Eastman, international president, Every Home for Christ

"Destined to Rule goes beyond mind and reason and liberates your spirit to rule with the Lord! Read this book and watch the Lord give you incredible revelation that allows you to reason, rule and reign with Him in the place where you have been called to stand."--from the foreword by Chuck D. Pierce, president, Glory of Zion International Ministries, Inc.; harvest watchman, Global Harvest Ministries

"Outstanding, informative, instructive and empowering are words that captivate your mind as you read this book. Becca Greenwood has given the Body of Christ a valuable tool to enable every believer to walk in dominion and to reign in life. This is one of those must-read books for everyone's library." --Naomi Dowdy, president and founder, Naomi Dowdy Ministries; resident apostle, former senior pastor, Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore

"All of us desire a sense of worth, a reason for being. If you don't know who you are, then you don't know the scope of what you can do. Rebecca Greenwood clearly establishes both, and she shows us as individuals how to fit into our own unique place in God's vast, eternal plan. Destined to Rule is filled with exciting and life-changing truth!"--Lora Allison, founder and president, Celebration Ministries; author, Skinned Alive: The Importance of Covering

"Believers are called to reign in life (see Romans 5:17), but too few of us ever do. It's time we step out of passivity and make a difference in our personal worlds. Destined to Rule tells us how."--Dr. Joseph Winger, pastor of prayer, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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  1. Rebecca Greenwood

    Rebecca Greenwood

    Rebecca Greenwood is co-founder and president of Christian Harvest International. A sought-after speaker, she has written Authority to Tread: An Intercessor's Guide to Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare and Breaking the Bonds of Evil: How to Set...

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