Deliverance from Evil Spirits, Repackaged Edition

A Practical Manual

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Based on four decades of international healing and deliverance ministry, this practical manual is an invaluable tool for pastors, counselors and lay ministers.

Comprehensive and biblical, it answers the important questions about deliverance, such as "Do evil spirits oppress people today?" and "Can Christians be affected by evil spirits?" It also covers subjects such as:


"By far the best book I have seen on this controversial and difficult topic."
--Vinson Synan, Professor of Church History, Regent University; author, Century of the Holy Spirit

"The book is the most comprehensive I have ever read on the subject of deliverance. The practical steps and prayers for deliverance will help and bless many who wonder how to get started in this area of ministry, and how to remain balanced in a ministry that has not always seen sanity or balance. I highly recommend this book."
--Randy Clark, president, Global Awakening

"Francis MacNutt has written with balance and caution on a difficult subject."
--David A. Seamands, author, Healing for Damaged Emotions

"Francis continues to give us the teaching and inspiration for doing the work of the Kingdom!"
--John Wimber, founder, Association of Vineyard Churches

The Author

  1. Francis MacNutt

    Francis MacNutt

    Francis MacNutt, Ph.D., who as a young Roman Catholic priest was prominent in the charismatic renewal in the 1960s, is the author of the bestselling Healing, as well as The Healing Reawakening and several other books. He and his wife, Judith,...

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