Crisis in Masculinity

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An intensive, Bible-based treatment for those who suffer from gender identity problems.



Leanne Payne has identified a painful wound which runs through the heart of our culture: sons and daughters who feel abandoned and unaffirmed. Her solution is profound and simple; she calls on fathers to affirm their children. But how can fathers affirm their children if they have never been affirmed themselves? Leanne shows how another Father works grace in earthly father's lives, and she shares hard-won insights from the depth of her experience with prayer, particularly with prayer for healing of this particular wound.
--Ken Canfield, Ph.D., founder and president, National Center for Fathering

Leanne Payne says when men are healed, the pathway for the wholeness of women will follow. I believe this book shows clearly the critical basic steps not only in the releasing of "single power" but also of "couple power.
--Ingrid Trobisch

Crisis in Masculinity is a book that describes the creational intent of what it means to be made in the image of God, male and female; what it means to be fallen from that image; and what it means to be redeemed by Christ to once again bear the Image of God. Written five years before anyone ever heard of the men's movement, this book not only diagnoses the major problem our age has against bearing God's Image, but gives the glorious, Christ-centered answer.
--Mario Bergner, author of Setting Love in Order

The strength of this remarkable book is to point the way . . . for the healing of the masculine in every man and woman . . . I am grateful to Leanne Payne for leading us on the path on which . . . we can find true healing for the masculine in the church--through the inner, truthful, affirming relationship with Jesus.
--James Wheeler, Journal of Christian Healing

The Author

  1. Leanne Payne

    Leanne Payne

    Leanne Payne was founder and president of Pastoral Care Ministries and the author of many articles and books, including Real Presence, Restoring the Christian Soul, and Listening Prayer.

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