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If you want to plant a church, you need to dream big. If you want your seedling church to survive--and ultimately bloom and blossom--you really need this book! Written by church planters who have "been there, done that," Community of Kindness is a practical, real-world guide to successful church planting--credible, informative, inspirational, supportive, and, most of all, 100 percent problem-solving oriented. All of the book's lessons are pithy and to the point. So you can use them to pre,plan your goals-,or refer to them every time the unexpected pops up (which is more often than not). Wherever your church-planting journey takes you, keep this book by your side,-and have copies for each member of your team!

The Authors

  1. Steve Sjogren

    Steve Sjogren

    STEVE SJOGREN and his wife, Janie, have planted churches in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Oslo, Norway. Steve writes, speaks, mentors church planters, and in February 2008 launched a church plant in Tampa, Florida. He is the author of Conspiracy...

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  2. Rob Lewin

    Rob Lewin

    Rob Lewin is president and founder of Innovative Leadership Solutions, a training and coaching firm for church leaders. He has his family live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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