Coming Home

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What If Her Childhood Wasn't the Way She Remembered It?

Growing up in Palmer Lake, Colorado, Jessica Lehman and Andy McCormick were practically inseparable. But when tragedy struck, their childhood friendship was torn apart.

Now, more than a decade later, Jessie's search for the truth about her family has brought the two together again. With Andy's support, Jessie must summon the courage to face the specter that has haunted her dreams and tormented her waking hours. Yet she fears what her quest may uncover.

Andy, however, fears something far different. As his feelings for Jessie begin to grow beyond friendship, how will he ever manage to protect her--not from her past--but from her future?


The Author

  1. David Lewis

    David Lewis

    David Lewis is the bestselling author of Coming Home, his first solo novel, as well as a keyboard artist and pilot. He is the first editor for his wife, Beverly Lewis, as well as research partner and manager. David was born in Minnesota, grew up in the...

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