Colors of Hope

An Inspirational Coloring Book

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"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength."--Isaiah 40:31

Being creative is one of the ways we reflect the image of God. Colors of Hope not only provides you with creative inspiration but also offers a fun and relaxing way to reduce stress and renew your strength. It's filled with beautiful pictures reminiscent of stained glass windows and inspiring Scripture verses on the theme of hope. Color these any time you need encouragement and display them anywhere you need a reminder of the hope we have in God.

Lisa Joy Samson is an artist and the author of nearly forty books, including the award-winning novel Quaker Summer. She lives in Colorado.

The Author

  1. Lisa Joy Samson

    Lisa Joy Samson

    Lisa Joy Samson is the author of nearly forty books, including Colors of Hope and Quaker Summer, which was named novel of the year by both Women of Faith and Christianity Today. Her chief creative love has always been art, and she has...

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