Cinematic Faith

A Christian Perspective on Movies and Meaning

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This engaging book explores how Christians can most profitably and critically hear, read, and view popular culture through the lens of film. William Romanowski, an expert on American culture, offers new insights on theology and the movies as he highlights the benefits of a faith-informed approach that centers on art and perspective. He shows how the cinema functions "religiously" as popular art and how Christian faith contributes to the moviegoing experience, leading to a deeper understanding of movies and life. The book draws examples from classic and contemporary American movies and includes illustrative film stills.

Cinematic Faith will appeal to professors and students in popular culture, theology and film, worldview, and communication courses; Christians looking for an introduction to engaging film and faith; pastors, youth ministers, and church leaders; and campus ministry and student development leaders in undergraduate settings.

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List of Movie Musings
1. Why a Christian Approach?
2. Culture Communicates: Biblical Principles for a Peculiar Means of Expression
3. Moviemaking Magic: Poetic Portals and the Power of Perspective
4. Creating an Illusion of Reality: Film Form and Content
5. Connecting the Dots: Style and Meaning
6. Redemption American-Style: The Melodramatic Vision
7. The Yellow Brick Road to Self-Realization: Classical Hollywood Cinema
8. A Man's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Do: American Action-Adventure Movies
9. Stop Taking My Hand! Gender and Mainstream Hollywood


"William Romanowski has written another accessible, probing, and stimulating book which engages one of the fastest-growing fields of theological reflection today. Throwing into relief the ways in which movies convey meaning and articulate 'life perspectives,' the book will make an ideal 'way in' to thinking about film for virtually any Christian reader."

Jeremy Begbie, Duke University

The Author

  1. William D. Romanowski

    William D. Romanowski

    William D. Romanowski (PhD, Bowling Green State University) is Arthur H. DeKruyter Chair in Communication at Calvin College and speaks frequently on subjects dealing with American culture and the entertainment industry. He is the widely respected...

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