Church Marketing 101

Preparing Your Church for Greater Growth

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Over 50% of the churches in the United States should not be marketing themselves.


Shocked? You should be. Almost every church wants to grow, but why do some succeed while others struggle? If you're a pastor or a layperson serving on an outreach committee or evangelism team, reading this book will help you avoid the pitfalls that prevent churches from growing.

The answer is simple. "God is not as interested in promotion as he is in preparation," says recognized church marketing expert Richard Reising. In Church Marketing 101, Reising demystifies basic marketing principles to show how simple changes can remove roadblocks to attracting visitors and future members. Tested in light of Scripture and the concerns of the local church, this empowering and practical book will help you see your church in a new way--and make adjustments to reach your community more effectively for Christ.


"Jesus challenged his followers not to marginalize their influence but rather to leverage their light for maximum reach. This is the essence of church and ministry marketing. Richard Reising has done a great service to all who are interested in increasing the influence of the Gospel by writing ChurchMarketing 101. He is repelled by marketing based on hype or half-truths. Richard Reising calls us to market the ministry in our stewardship truthfully, biblically, and undergirded by a clear mission. You will finish this book with a clearer head and a hotter heart!"--David Shibley, president, Global Advance

"As a pastor of a 13,000 member church, I can testify that 'church marketing' is NOT an oxymoron. Every church has a reputation in its community. Richard Reising has given us a tremendous advantage by writing how every church can enhance its effectiveness in sharing the claims of Jesus Christ. This book is a must-read for anyone who is committed to reaching their community with the Gospel."--Dr. David Dykes, author; pastor, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas

"Reising converts lofty corporate marketing strategies into simple, Christ-centered and people-focused principles. I can see its role in increasing the effectiveness and connectedness of both church and ministry. Any organization will take away a clearer sense of vision and a greater understanding of how to get there."--Dave Dravecky, best-selling author; founder, Outreach of Hope

"The Church is the hope of the world. ChurchMarketing 101 reveals the principles necessary to focus the message of Christ like a laser at targeted groups. Richard Reising has an important message for the church to hear and apply."--Robert Morris, senior pastor, Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas

"Richard Reising approaches the subject of church marketing with the brilliance of a businessman and the passion of a pastor."--Brad Abare, founder of Personality(TM) and the Center for Church Communication

"In his work ChurchMarketing 101 we meet a man passionate about his vision, not a vision for marketing but a vision for so much more. Richard Reising has a heart for the church because he has a heart for the church's task of reaching others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Richard does not take a cookie cutter approach to marketing, but makes every effort to establish a biblical approach as to how to grow a healthy church on its own terms. Such a healthy church will produce healthy people filled with the attractiveness of Christ in them. This book aims to set each church free from the confusion and ineffectiveness that marks so many so that each church can achieve the excellence God calls it to and reach as many as possible. It is this vision that fuels Richard Reising's passion, and it is this passion that makes ChurchMarketing 101 worth reading and implementing."--Dr. Bill Lawrence, president, Leader Formation International

"Richard Reising gets the power of a brand! His perspectives on today's cultural perceptions of the church are extremely insightful. Church leaders need to read this book."--Darren Whitehead, director of Next Gen Ministries, Willow Creek Community Church

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  1. Richard L. Reising

    Richard L. Reising

    Richard L. Reising is a recognized authority on church marketing and branding. He is founder and president of Artistry Marketing Concepts, an organization based in Dallas, Texas, that helps churches and ministries make wise use of marketing, design, and...

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"It is doing foundational work. The book covers the basics of marketing and why churches should care. It's the handbook many of us will want to give as gifts to less-than-eager pastors."

"Reising stands on the apostle Paul's words to the Corinthians as his biblical grounds for church marketing--a term which grows more controversial each day--and lays out basic groundwork for preparing and presenting your church to your community. It's a helpful surrogate for those who can't attend Reising's Church Marketing 101 seminars."--Outreach magazine