Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living

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"This timely and well-researched book is a welcome addition to the literature on Christianity and climate change. I can think of no better book written from a Christian perspective on this important issue."--Steven Bouma-Prediger, Hope College; author, For the Beauty of the Earth: A Christian Vision for Creation Care

Amounts and patterns of consumption and production in the West have reached a level that cannot be maintained. Lifestyles based on our present way of creating and using energy are no longer environmentally sustainable--and are threatening the health and well-being of both planet and people. Our activities and the policies that shape them need to change. In light of those realities, Spencer, White, and Vroblesky offer serious Christian engagement with the emerging issue of Sustainable Consumption and Production. They analyze the scientific, sociological, economic, and theological thinking that makes a Christian response to these trends imperative and distinctive. And they offer practical conclusions that explore and explain what can be done at the personal, community, national, and international levels to ensure that next generations will have the resources necessary for life.

Firmly rooted in the good news of the Christian faith, this is, above all, a constructive and hopeful book that offers a realistic vision of what the future could and should look like.

This book is endorsed by A Rocha: Christians in Conservation, The Jubliee Centre, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, and The Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies.


"This timely and well-researched book is a welcome addition to the literature on Christianity and climate change. It offers three things rarely found in a single volume: solid science clearly presented, winsome Christian theology rooted in sound biblical interpretation, and much practical wisdom on what we individually and collectively can and should do. I can think of no better book written from a Christian perspective on this important issue."--Steven Bouma-Prediger, Hope College; author, For the Beauty of the Earth: A Christian Vision for Creation Care

"This book is the most timely of reminders: if the world is to mount any kind of defense against global warming, we Christians must play a much stronger role. Not just because physics and chemistry demand it--but faith as well, as we rise to the greatest challenge to both Creation and social justice the planet has ever faced."--Bill McKibben, director,; author, Deep Economy and The End of Nature

"We have many books that present North Americans with the problems of climate change and sustainable living. But this book gives us the biblical means for living well in the midst of the challenges we face. It is a prescription and a vision of hope for our time. It is nothing less than a call to what the Bible calls shalom, the full flourishing of all of creation, human and non-human alike. This book will make an excellent study guide for any group or individual."--John Wood, professor of biology and environmental studies, The Kings University College, Canada; academic dean, Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

"Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living, which tackles the complexity and breadth of issues related to climate change, is extremely well written. The authors present the issue of climate change for the Christian community in a way that has great theological depth and reflects a biblical hope. The authors also present an extremely careful and nuanced case in terms of the science of climate change. And finally, they are unusually even handed in their portrayal of the international discussions and policy options that are now before the world. It is rare to find a book that can cover this breadth with such high levels of understanding across the topic and still be clear and honest, yet hopeful!"--Janel Curry, dean for research and scholarship and Gary and Henrietta Byker Chair in Christian Perspectives on Political, Social, and Economic Thought, Calvin College; author, Community on Land: Community, Ecology, and the Public Interest

"What Spencer, White, and Vroblesky have crafted in Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living is not only what has been sorely missed in the Christian community but also represents a magnificent, balanced, and comprehensive overview from which all of society should benefit. The authors have done a masterful job in weaving scientific evidence, socio-economics, stewardship, and practicalities together presenting a winsome perspective [even a 'vision'!] that should assuage much of the skepticism and concern that has often held many back from doing anything at all. Their balanced approach should help nurture in us a desire to understand that we not only can but must work together to ensure that we can enjoy our planet with sustainable living and ecosystems for the century ahead of us--'creation care'!"--Dr. Alan E. Strong, consultant-senior scientist, NOAA's Coral Reef Watch, Silver Spring, MD

"Jesus warned against discerning signs in the sky while neglecting to understand the signs of the times. Today, we have reversed the process and must recover an understanding of where our climate is heading. Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living provides a salutary warning accompanied by a healthy redirection--this book is a necessary tool to enable those living today to be ready for life tomorrow."--Clive Calver, senior pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church; former president, World Relief; signatory to "Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action"

"Few challenges facing America--and the world--are more urgent than combating climate change. The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear."--President Barack Obama (from the Introduction)

The Authors

  1. Nick Spencer

    Nick Spencer

    Nick Spencer worked as a researcher and writer for the Jubilee Centre in England. He is now director of studies at Theos, a public theology think tank in the UK. He is also the author of Votewise and Asylum and Immigration.

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  2. Robert White

    Robert White

    Robert White is a professor of geophysics at Cambridge University, England; associate director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion; and a fellow of The Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science. He is coauthor with Denis Alexander of...

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  3. Virginia Vroblesky

    Virginia Vroblesky

    Virginia Vroblesky is the former national coordinator of A Rocha USA. She is the author of numerous articles and The Gift of Creation: A Study Guide on the Environment.

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"Christianity and environmentalism can coexist just fine. Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living brings the three concepts, the former not commonly found with the later two, under one banner of study as the three authors craft a thoughtful analysis of global warming and climate change and what it means to be a Christian and [be] environmentally wise. . . . A solid combo of knowledge, a top pick."--Midwest Book Review

"Wow, what a book! Spencer is a thoughtful and reliable theologian who runs a think tank on public theology (in the UK) while White is an esteemed science professor at Cambridge University. . . . Ms. Vroblesky is the former National Coordinator of the esteemed evangelical creation care group A Rocha, a group we love, with a faith-based activist bent. Good, good, stuff! This is timely, balanced, helpful, and enjoyable. . . . A book of much, much substance. One of the best."--Byron Borger,

"The book is appreciated for two unique contributions. First, [it] offers a study of ecology based on Isaiah 40-66. . . . Few volumes intensively relate sustainable living with Isaiah 40-66 as this book does. Second, . . . the authors envisage a sustainable society in the future. . . . This book is helpful in three ways. First, the book is very practical, offering its readers detailed 'know-how' for living an ecologically well-balanced life. . . . Second, the authors properly point out the spirituality that lies behind the issue of the global growth of greenhouse gases. Third, the book provides considerable helpful resources for further study of the environment. . . . [This book] is helpful for those who are looking for a source which presents today's trend in the evangelical camp on the issue of climate change."--Dae Jung Kim, Southwestern Journal of Theology