Answering Your Questions About Speaking in Tongues

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A Classic About Speaking in Tongues and the Church Today

First published in 1968 and still vital today, Larry Christenson addresses critical questions about speaking in tongues:
* Is the gift of tongues for today's Christian?
* What does speaking in tongues mean?
* Is speaking in tongues for me?
Now with a new preface from the author, this is still the most helpful and easy to understand book on the subject. Over the years it has received much critical acclaim, including

"An excellent study on this gift: whether you agree or disagree, this book will answer many questions people are asking."
--Christian Research Institute

"[The] best thing I have seen for a balanced presentation of the whole subject."
--Norman P. Grubb (1895-1993), Former director, WEC

More than 250,000 sold!

The Author

  1. Larry Christenson

    Larry Christenson

    Larry Christenson, ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, is the former director of the International Lutheran Renewal Center in Minneapolis. He was a popular conference speaker and wrote more than fifteen books in his lifetime, including The...

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