An Uncertain Dream

series: Postcards from Pullman

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When Pullman Car Works employees walk out in protest of their wages and high rent, Olivia Mott is torn between her loyalty to the company and her love for Fred DeVault. Amidst the turmoil in Pullman, Fred is asked to act as a local delegate to the national convention of the American Railway Union, but when the delegates vote in favor of a nationwide boycott of the famous Pullman sleeping cars, Olivia wonders if Fred will ever be able to return to the company town. What will become of their growing affection for each other? Who will prevail in the company strike?


"Award-winning author Miller doesn't fail to bring together a story of history, consequences, love and loss in the first of the POSTCARDS FROM PULLMAN series. Readers will identify with Olivia's short-comings and her attempts to untangle herself from poor decisions. . . .This story also has a satisfying ending that will leave you wanting more." --Romantic Times

"Surprising twists and turns kept this reader turning pages . . . I was easily able to identify with Olivia's struggle to maintain her credibility, while being drawn into Charlotte's schemes. . . . Judith Miller has a knack for historical realism; drawing the reader into days gone by and the company town of Pullman, Illinois with it's contribution in our nation's railway history."

"Ms. Miller's characters are true-to-life and fascinating to read about."--Vickie McDonough,

"A truly enjoyable and well-paced story." --Norma Zarris, former president of the Historic Pullman Garden Club and volunteer at Historic Hotel Florence

The Author

  1. Judith Miller
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    Judith Miller

    Judith Miller ( is an award-winning writer whose avid research and love for history are reflected in her bestselling novels. Judith and her family make their home in Kansas City, Kansas.

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