Always Enough

God’s Miraculous Provision among the Poorest Children on Earth

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Is God still in the business of miracles? Does He still multiply food, send financial resources where there were none, heal the sick, even raise the dead?

Always Enough shows that all of these things, and more, happen today as they did in biblical times. Even the most desperate poverty, the most devastating illness and the most heart-wrenching grief are not beyond His help. As you follow the adventures of missionaries Rolland and Heidi Baker in Mozambique-ravaged by civil war and famine to become one of the poorest places on earth-you'll be awed by God's limitless power and tender provision. The account of how He has enabled the Bakers to help many hundreds of Mozambique's throwaway children and start an astounding five thousand churches will warm your heart and move you to tears.


The simple practice of "ministering to the one" and choosing to trust God daily unleashes great power to change any situation. So come along on the journey! Witness what God is doing in one of the poorest nations on earth, then invite Him to work His miracles in your own life.



"What God has done through the anointing of His Spirit in the lives of Rolland and Heidi Baker is truly miraculous. I know of no other work so pure and so motivated by the compassionate heart of God. This is not only the story of how God would take fourteen people and one church and grow it in five years to more than six thousand churches. It the story of how God would prepare His chosen instruments for the powerful faith-based ministry that is presently shaking twelve countries in southern Africa." -Randy Clark, Global Awakening

"It is a great privilege to know, love and have served with Rolland and Heidi Baker. I know of no others who see so much of heaven's supernatural provision, who exercise such Kingdom authority and who daily live in absolute dependence on the faithfulness of God. If you read their story with an open heart, it will forever change yours." -Guy Chevreau, Catch the Fire, Inc.

"In the fullest sense, Rolland and Heidi Baker are apostolic gifts to the Body of Christ. They teach, train, heal, pastor and lead a historic, major move of the Holy Spirit in southeast Africa. But even more endearing than their leadership are their hearts for God and the hurting and poor. Theirs is truly a marriage and ministry that not only speaks of Christ Jesus, but exemplifies Christ Jesus." -Marc A. Dupont, Mantle of Praise Ministries

The Authors

  1. Rolland Baker

    Rolland Baker

    Rolland Baker and his wife, Heidi, are the founders of Iris Global (, whose mission is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth by "stopping for the one"--the poor, broken, destitute or forgotten. After serving as missionaries in...

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  2. Heidi Baker

    Heidi Baker

    Heidi Baker and her husband, Rolland, are the founders of Iris Ministries (, whose mission is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth by "stopping for the one"--the poor, broken, destitute or forgotten. After serving as missionaries...

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