Rolland Baker

Rolland Baker

Rolland Baker and his wife, Heidi, are the founders of Iris Global (, whose mission is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth by "stopping for the one"--the poor, broken, destitute or forgotten. After serving as missionaries in Indonesia and Hong Kong, the Bakers followed God's call to Mozambique in southeast Africa in 1995. Through their ministry, they watch God provide miraculously for well over 10,000 children every day, plus many more through the Iris network of more than 15,000 churches, Bible schools, primary schools and remote outreach programs. They live in Mozambique, Africa.

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Books by Rolland Baker

  1. Keeping the Fire

    Keeping the Fire

    Oct 2016
  2. Reckless Devotion

    Reckless Devotion

    Aug 2014
  3. Reckless Devotion

    Reckless Devotion

    Jul 2014
  4. Learning to Love

    Learning to Love

    Feb 2013