Jane Rubietta
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Jane Rubietta

Jane Rubietta (www.janerubietta.com) is the critically acclaimed author of fifteen books, including the award-winning Grace Points and Quiet Places. She travels internationally, speaking hundreds of times a year at women's events, churches, and parenting groups. Jane brings a voice of vulnerability and honesty as she writes and speaks on issues close to--indeed, about--people's hearts. ("You've been reading my journal," women tell her after she speaks. "You've been living my life," when they read her books.) She also writes regularly for indeed, MOMSense, Fullfill, Significant Living, and other magazines and websites.

After obtaining a B.S. in business from Indiana University, Jane completed postgraduate studies in Germany while also forming and directing an international drama team that took the Gospel throughout Europe. She attended seminary at Trinity Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. She is assistant coordinator and faculty member of Write-To-Publish Writer's Conference. Jane and her husband, Rich, live near Chicago, Illinois.
Jane would be delighted to discuss keynoting a conference, leading a retreat, or speaking at your church. To learn more about Jane's speaking ministry, itinerary, and contact information, please visit her at www.JaneRubietta.com.

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Books by Jane Rubietta

  1. Worry Less So You Can Live More

    Worry Less So You Can Live More

    Feb 2015