Dr. Robert S. Paul

Dr. Robert S. Paul

Robert S. Paul, co-president and CEO of the National Institute of Marriage (formerly Smalley Marriage Institute) is a seasoned therapist, author, and collaborative author of the bestselling The DNA of Relationships with Gary and Greg Smalley as well as The DNA of Relationships for Couples with Greg Smalley. Bob speaks at marriage and professional conferences nationwide and is a frequent guest on syndicated radio and television broadcasts including Moody Midday Connection, Aspiring Women, and At Home Live. He has a master's degree from Georgia State, a diploma in Christian counseling, and an honorary doctorate from Psychological Studies Institute. Bob formerly taught at Evangel University. He and his wife, Jenni, have four children and live in Branson, Missouri. For more information, visit the National Institute of Marriage's christian marriage counseling website

Books by Dr. Robert S. Paul

  1. Finding Ever After

    Finding Ever After

    Sep 2008